mccoy--preacher-smallHost Pastor
Dr. David A. McCoy
Peoples Baptist Church
McDonough, GA
As the host pastor, I would like to welcome everyone to the 2015 Nationwide Independent Baptist Fellowship meeting. It is a privilege for Peoples Baptist Church to host this meeting. We are looking forward to the singing, preaching, and fellowship of every service. Make plans to be with us this year.
Rossi editModerator
Dr. Lou Rossi
Dr. Lou Rossi is the new moderator of the Nationwide Independent Baptist Fellowship. He serves as pastor of the Granite Baptist Church in Glen Burnie, Maryland. He is no stranger to Biblical fundamentalism. He has preached hundreds of revivals over the last 25 years throughout our nation. Please join us as we welcome our new moderator this year.
Barton edit 2Vice-Moderator
Dr. Max Barton
Dr. Max Barton is the new vice-moderator of the Nationwide Independent Baptist Fellowship. He has served in different capacities of the Nationwide Fellowship since its inception. Since retiring as pastor of Peoples Baptist Church of Greenville, North Carolina, he is serving in full-time evangelism. Please welcome our new vice-moderator, Dr. Max Barton.
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